Useful Software

LG USB Modem Drivers

> > Download LG USB Modem Drivers 4.9.4 [1.26MB]< <
These are Windows drivers for the Lotus. How do you know if you need these drivers? Connect the phone via USB cable to your computer. On Windows > Right Click My Computer > Manage > Device Manager. If you have a yellow exclaimation point on the "LG CDMA USB Modem" then the drivers are not installed correctly. See image:

LG Lotus drivers not installed

To install: Extract the .exe file and then double click it to run it. It will open up an install Wizard and just follow the simple instructions onscreen. You'll know it installed correctly when you no longer have the yellow exclaimation point on the LG CDMA USB Modem. Uploader has a tool that allows you to upload ringtones, music, pictures, and even apps to your phone.

CDMA Workshop

This CDMA workship is very useful software. Unfortunately it is not free software. You can download a demo and try it out if you want. It gives you a whole lot of info about your phone. The full version is $99, but we can get our MSL from the demo alone. Click the download demo link:

Why is this software useful for Lotus users? The main reason is so you can find your MSL code. Each phone has an individual MSL code. You need your MSL code in order to unlock a lot of other advanced features. Read using CDMA workshop to find the MSL code

Sprint SmartView for Windows

> > Sprint Smart View Page < <   |   > > Direct Download from Sprint < <
You can use this software to make your LG Lotus a modem you can tether to your computer or laptop so you can get internet anywhere you can get a signal. Read how to tether the LG Lotus . I have this software downloaded, if the Sprint site ever goes down I can host it here on my site as well. It's 44MB so I won't put it up here unless Sprint no longer offers it.