How to change the Lotus Theme

By default the phone comes with Sprint's OneClick user interface. That's the one with the carosel along the bottom. You can change this theme to a standard LG theme built into the phone which many users say is cleaner and faster. Here's how:

Change from OneClick to LG Theme and vice-versa

  1. Dial ##3282# (##DATA#)
  2. Choose XUI (option 9)
  3. Choose Edit (option 2)
  4. Enter your MSL
  5. Choose Theme
  6. Select XUI (option 1) for Sprint's OneClick   or   LG (option 2) for LG's Default theme
  7. Press BACK and the phone reboots automatically, and starts up with the new theme.

The shortcuts (which cannot be changed) for the LG theme are:

Note the "Shortcuts" in the OneClick interface is a truncated version of "Favorites".
OneClick allows up to 5 favorites. LG Theme allows for 12 favorites.
If you switch back and forth, only 1-5 appear inside OneClick.

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