Welcome to the LG Lotus Resource Page

Sections on this site

Tips and Tricks: Various tips and tricks and smart ideas for getting the most out of your phone.

Useful Software: Software you can use with your phone. I'm putting it here because it took me a lot of digging on the internet to find these.

Wallpapers: Some nice wallpapers that I found that look nice.

How To Articles: After reading countless forums and trial and error, I present to you a repository of knowledge.

Technical Specifications: A datasheet about the LG Lotus with more information than you'll probably need.

Official Documents & Propaganda

LG/Sprint's Official User Guide in PDF form [4.33MB] Shows how to do most everything the average user will need. It's a copy of the manual that came with the phone.

The official quickstart guide for the Lotus [5.89MB] For those that just purchased a Lotus and want to know how to do some of the most common advanced functions.

LG's Datasheet (basically a promotional PDF) [1.31MB] I find this hilarious for some reason.

LG's Official Promotional site for the Lotus The site is interesting but is aimed more at potential buyers than LG Lotus owners.

About this site

This is a fan/user made page. I bought my LG Lotus in June of 2009. I made this page in order to help other LG Lotus owners and as a complete reference for myself.

I am not affiliated with Sprint or LG in any way. I'm just a user and a fan. You can contact me at     scott@moginspace.us     for questions or feedback about this site.